Birthed from an egg the butterfly lives it’s early life as a caterpillar. It then retreats within the pupa or chrysalis where it undergoes a transformation, and finally when it leaves the chrysalis it is reborn as a beautiful winged butterfly.

Traditional gender stereotypes educate men to act strong, dominant, tought, to be tall and muscular. Luckily, our society is at a turning point in its vision of what’s masculinity, understanding that there isn’t just one unique form.

In this serie, 11 men with different body types were invited to pose with butterflies, a magnificent soft insect usually considerate as girly. They proudly celebrate their body types ; either they are skinny, big, small, dark, hairy, young or old. I see portraiture as a way to explore forms of identity, self-expression and want to change people’s perspective about these marketing-made rules.

The life of the butterfly reflects the process of spiritual transformation as we each have the possibility to be reborn by finding ourself and being ourself. Through these portrait, I aim to spread a body positive message that helps people embrace their body features, their curves, their body hair or their skin colors, because just like butterflies, everyone is so different and yet so beautiful. It takes time learning how to love yourself.


Models : Anthony Vincent, Brahim Djibrine, Jonathan Prudent, Julian Mezraani, Kevin Lebreton, Mathias Jamain, Morgan Lucas, Romain Tigé, Victor Galarraga, Pierre and Bernard Sbardella.